Geelong computer repair prices are largely dependent on the job at hand.

The prices listed below are based on the average cost of my most common repairs, however a more accurate quotation may be given upon inspection and diagnosis of your PC. The cost of this is included in the first hour’s service charge.

If you’d like a more accurate quote, or pricing on IT consulting and assurance services, feel free to contact me.

Basic Rates

First Hour/Call-Out (Business & Residential) $75
IT Support – Hourly Rate $60
Technical Consulting/Projects – Hourly Rate $90


The prices below are estimates and include the first hours rate. As you’ll note, most issues can be resolved within the first hour.

Operating system (re-)install or HDD replacement $165-$195
Internet connectivity & email issues $75
Internet & network setup Residential: $75
Business (or complex networks): $135
Computer set-up/installation $135
Windows upgrade $135
Printer or peripheral set-up $75
General service/tune-up & virus removal $75-$135

Pre-Paid Credit

For approved regular customers, I have started offering the option to purchase hourly credit at a discount which can then be used for an array of services. Pricing as follows:

8 hours $432 Save $48
6 hours $324 Save $36
4 hours $216 Save $24


I carry basic hardware and tools for common maintenance and service requirements. In the event of a hardware fault, computer specific hardware needs to be ordered which may result in hardware being taken off site. With expensive equipment, I am happy to organise quotation and the client may then opt to pay the supplier directly.