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Geelong Internet Problems

When it comes to internet problems, a lot of Aussie ISPs these days have really poor technical support. Providers like Telstra, iiNet, and Optus are not training staff to guide customers through what I like to call the “internet issue 101”.

This means my clients are having me on-site only to discover their internet connectivity issues could have been fixed over the phone by instruction from their provider.

Therefore, I wanted to show Geelong residents having internet problems few simple tricks that might get their internet fault resolved before needing to book an appointment with me.

Step One – REBOOT!

The first thing anyone should do when having internet problems in Geelong is turn off their router at the wall. Then wait 10 minutes, and switch it back on.

Allow 5-10 minutes for the modem to re-establish a connection with your internet provider before testing if the internet has started working again. If it has, great, if not – move onto the next step.

Step Two – IP Lease Refresh

Step two normally fixes issues where one computer has stopped working on the internet, while other devices have no issues at connecting to your WiFi/Internet.

On the keyboard of the suspect PC, hold down the Windows key and tap R (Win+R). In the “run” window that appears, type “cmd” and press enter.

From the Command Prompt screen that has now appeared, type “ipconfig /release” and press enter. Wait until the command returns you to the blinking white cursor.

Then type “ipconfig /renew” and press enter. This command usually takes longer, so wait until it returns you to the blinking cursor once more.

Close the window and test your internet – if it works, great – if not book an appointment with me to come take a look.

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