Independent Assurance & Auditing

Have you ever felt like your IT support company is letting you down – but you’re not ready to make the switch to another company? IT’S FUBAR Technology Services provide Geelong IT Auditing and Assurance services.

What is IT assurance?

Independent IT Assurance is essentially oversight provided by a third party. IT assurance services ensure that normal IT fundamentals are in place, that checks and balances exist, and that there is truth and transparency at every level. Think of it as a “second set of eyes” to make sure everything is in order – and that you’re receiving the support you’re paying for. Assurance services are extremely common in large organisations, but the organisations of all sizes in Geelong and Melbourne can reap benefits from assurance services.

IT assurance services can be used by an organisation to achieve different things from their current IT company – certainty, transparency, and governance and maximisation.


Ensure you receive repeatable results and predicable performance – each job should be handled at the same level of workmanship.


Achieve truth and transparency from end-to-end – will an issue be resolved when your provider says it will?


Independent oversight with common-sense – do you need someone to make sure your IT company is doing what they say they are?


Pursue maximum extracted value from every dollar you spend on services – and ensure you fully understand service agreements.

How can I use IT assurance services?

The most common use of IT assurance is via auditing services and independent consulting. Some examples of audits I can help with are below:

Ransomware Auditing

Are you sure your organisation is protected against the latest malicious software? Your IT environment can be audited and tested to ensure safe practises are upheld and adequate protection is in place. The same audit process can identify risks for ransomware, and other common malicious software infections.

Security Auditing

Do you store confidential or critical business information on your organisation’s IT environment? Your network, your staff, your suppliers and your customers trust you with their security. Security auditing and pentesting services are available to ensure your environment cannot be exploited.

Cost Auditing

Feel like you’re paying too much to your IT service provider? There’s a good chance you are. Auditing services are available to identify potential cost savings and reduce your overall IT costs.

Tender Management

IT suppliers will tender for almost anything – servers, desktops, laptops, software, phones, networking equipment and sometimes even the kitchen sink. I can help ensure you make the most informed choice – and that tendered equipment is fit for purpose and not “overkill” as is common with many IT providers.