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Call Rates

Below you’ll find a breakdown of all our call rates. Note that some of the charges associated with these calls rates may be waived depending on the SIP product you select.

Important: We block all international dialling by default. Additionally, when international dialling is enabled, the below “High Risk” countries will remain blocked unless there is a specific requirement to unblock them.

Australia Fixed Line National (02, 03, 07, 08)Per Minute2.4 c
Australia Mobile (04xx)Per Minute5.6 c
Australia 13/1300/1345 NumbersFlat29.0 c
Australia 180/1800 NumbersFlat.0 c
Australia Directory Assistance (1223)Flat100.0 c
Australia Special Numbers (1100, 125xxx)Flat33.4 c
Australia Telstra/Optus Mobile Satellite (0145/0147)Per Minute218.2 c
Australia Telstra/Optus Mobile Satellite (0145/0147)Flagfall133.4 c
New Zealand Fixed Line National (03, 04, 06, 07 and 09)Per Minute2.8 c
New Zealand Mobile (02XX)Per Minute9.6 c
New Zealand 0800/0508 NumbersFlat.0 c
AfghanistanPer Minute48.8 c
Afghanistan MobilePer Minute44.8 c
AlbaniaPer Minute38.3 c
Albania MobilePer Minute108.1 c
AlgeriaPer MinuteYes14.8 c
Algeria MobilePer MinuteYes231.6 c
American SamoaPer Minute4.8 c
American Samoa MobilePer Minute4.8 c
American Samoa Mobile BlueskyPer Minute4.8 c
AndorraPer MinuteYes7.9 c
Andorra MobilePer MinuteYes55.8 c
AngolaPer MinuteYes15.5 c
Angola MobilePer MinuteYes41.7 c
AnguillaPer Minute61.6 c
AntarcticaPer Minute370.6 c
Antigua And BarbudaPer Minute74.4 c
ArgentinaPer Minute4.8 c
Argentina Buenos AiresPer Minute.4 c
Argentina MobilePer Minute38.0 c
ArmeniaPer MinuteYes44.2 c
Armenia MobilePer MinuteYes57.1 c
ArubaPer MinuteYes21.0 c
Aruba MobilePer MinuteYes50.0 c
Ascension IslandPer MinuteYes478.7 c
AustriaPer Minute30.2 c
Austria MobilePer Minute62.1 c
AzerbaijanPer Minute51.0 c
Azerbaijan MobilePer Minute67.8 c
BahamasPer Minute18.4 c
BahrainPer Minute25.0 c
Bahrain MobilePer Minute30.6 c
BangladeshPer Minute7.7 c
Bangladesh DhakaPer Minute7.7 c
Bangladesh MobilePer Minute7.3 c
BarbadosPer Minute59.6 c
BelarusPer MinuteYes93.0 c
Belarus MobilePer MinuteYes90.3 c
BelgiumPer Minute21.9 c
Belgium MobilePer Minute100.8 c
BelizePer Minute53.1 c
Belize MobilePer Minute55.1 c
BeninPer MinuteYes74.1 c
Benin MobilePer MinuteYes100.4 c
BermudaPer Minute8.3 c
BhutanPer Minute14.5 c
BoliviaPer Minute51.6 c
Bolivia MobilePer Minute41.6 c
Bosnia and HerzegovinaPer MinuteYes38.5 c
Bosnia and Herzegovina MobilePer MinuteYes84.0 c
BotswanaPer MinuteYes39.5 c
Botswana MobilePer MinuteYes62.1 c
BrazilPer Minute1.2 c
Brazil MobilePer Minute4.0 c
BruneiPer Minute4.6 c
Brunei MobilePer Minute5.1 c
BulgariaPer Minute20.5 c
Bulgaria MobilePer Minute76.0 c
Burkina FasoPer MinuteYes92.0 c
Burkina Faso MobilePer MinuteYes93.3 c
BurundiPer MinuteYes135.9 c
Burundi MobilePer MinuteYes135.9 c
CambodiaPer Minute12.1 c
Cambodia MobilePer Minute16.1 c
CameroonPer MinuteYes30.9 c
Cameroon MobilePer MinuteYes293.4 c
CanadaPer Minute.5 c
Canada Northwest TerritoriesPer Minute29.4 c
Canada Premium ServicesPer Minute3.7 c
Cape VerdePer MinuteYes67.9 c
Cape Verde MobilePer MinuteYes67.9 c
Cayman IslandsPer Minute51.9 c
Central African RepublicPer MinuteYes147.6 c
Central African Republic MobilePer MinuteYes147.6 c
ChadPer MinuteYes145.2 c
Chad MobilePer MinuteYes145.2 c
ChilePer Minute4.7 c
Chile Easter IslandPer Minute200.7 c
Chile MobilePer Minute6.2 c
ChinaPer Minute4.8 c
China BeijingPer Minute4.8 c
China MobilePer Minute4.8 c
ColombiaPer Minute5.2 c
Colombia MobilePer Minute7.0 c
ComorosPer MinuteYes134.4 c
Comoros MobilePer MinuteYes247.1 c
Congo Democratic RepublicPer MinuteYes69.9 c
Congo Democratic Republic MobilePer MinuteYes401.5 c
Congo RepublicPer MinuteYes116.6 c
Congo Republic MobilePer MinuteYes141.4 c
Cook IslandsPer Minute246.5 c
Costa RicaPer Minute4.3 c
Costa Rica MobilePer Minute17.9 c
CroatiaPer MinuteYes2.2 c
Croatia MobilePer MinuteYes81.1 c
CubaPer MinuteYes154.4 c
Cuba - Guantanamo BayPer MinuteYes191.5 c
CyprusPer Minute12.7 c
Cyprus MobilePer Minute22.3 c
Czech RepublicPer Minute5.7 c
Czech Republic MobilePer Minute15.6 c
DenmarkPer Minute1.3 c
Denmark MobilePer Minute2.6 c
Diego GarciaPer MinuteYes296.5 c
DjiboutiPer MinuteYes77.7 c
Djibouti MobilePer MinuteYes77.5 c
DominicaPer Minute59.6 c
Dominican RepublicPer Minute23.9 c
East TimorPer Minute55.0 c
EcuadorPer Minute33.4 c
Ecuador MobilePer Minute55.0 c
EgyptPer MinuteYes17.9 c
Egypt MobilePer MinuteYes32.4 c
El SalvadorPer Minute48.8 c
El Salvador MobilePer Minute42.6 c
Equatorial GuineaPer MinuteYes112.7 c
Equatorial Guinea MobilePer MinuteYes112.7 c
EritreaPer MinuteYes53.3 c
EstoniaPer Minute4.0 c
Estonia MobilePer MinuteYes96.3 c
Estonia NGNPer MinuteYes141.6 c
EthiopiaPer MinuteYes55.6 c
Ethiopia Addis AbabaPer MinuteYes55.6 c
Ethiopia MobilePer MinuteYes55.6 c
Falkland IslandsPer Minute540.5 c
Faroe IslandsPer MinuteYes9.0 c
FijiPer Minute62.4 c
Fiji MobilePer Minute62.4 c
Fiji Mobile DigicelPer Minute62.4 c
FinlandPer Minute90.2 c
Finland MobilePer Minute90.0 c
FrancePer Minute1.0 c
France MobilePer Minute13.6 c
France Mobile GlobalstarPer Minute91.6 c
French GuianaPer Minute2.1 c
French Guiana MobilePer Minute32.5 c
French PolynesiaPer Minute39.8 c
French Polynesia MobilePer Minute58.4 c
GabonPer MinuteYes123.5 c
Gabon MobilePer MinuteYes200.7 c
GambiaPer MinuteYes79.7 c
Gambia MobilePer MinuteYes79.7 c
GeorgiaPer Minute38.5 c
Georgia MobilePer Minute71.3 c
GermanyPer Minute.5 c
Germany MobilePer Minute5.6 c
Germany Special ServicesPer Minute.9 c
GhanaPer MinuteYes64.9 c
Ghana MobilePer MinuteYes78.8 c
GibraltarPer Minute9.0 c
Gibraltar MobilePer Minute34.9 c
Global Network - Deutsche TelekomPer Minute4.3 c
Global Network - France TelecomPer Minute4.6 c
Global Network - TelenorPer Minute10.1 c
Global Network - Vodafone MaltaPer Minute77.2 c
Global Satellite BebbiCell 88234Per MinuteYes491.0 c
Global Satellite Emsat 88213Per MinuteYes710.3 c
Global Satellite GlStar 8818_9Per MinuteYes518.7 c
Global Satellite Iridium 8816_7Per MinuteYes1003.7 c
Global Satellite MCP 88232Per MinuteYes407.7 c
Global Satellite Onair 88298Per Minute184.7 c
Global Satellite Seanet 88242Per MinuteYes651.6 c
Global Satellite Telenor 88299Per MinuteYes1609.6 c
Global Satellite Thuraya 88216Per MinuteYes390.6 c
GreecePer Minute7.9 c
Greece AthensPer Minute7.9 c
Greece MobilePer Minute18.5 c
Greece Mobile VodafonePer Minute18.5 c
GreenlandPer MinuteYes14.8 c
GrenadaPer Minute64.9 c
GuadeloupePer Minute4.0 c
Guadeloupe MobilePer Minute23.5 c
GuamPer Minute3.7 c
GuatemalaPer Minute40.1 c
Guinea BissauPer MinuteYes139.0 c
Guinea Bissau MobilePer MinuteYes132.8 c
Guinea RepublicPer MinuteYes112.1 c
Guinea Republic MobilePer MinuteYes145.8 c
GuyanaPer Minute66.4 c
HaitiPer Minute62.7 c
Haiti MobilePer Minute66.1 c
HondurasPer Minute30.9 c
Honduras MobilePer Minute38.5 c
Hong KongPer Minute6.4 c
Hong Kong MobilePer Minute8.3 c
HungaryPer Minute13.1 c
Hungary MobilePer Minute14.2 c
IcelandPer Minute4.8 c
Iceland MobilePer Minute5.0 c
IndiaPer Minute2.1 c
India AhmedabadPer Minute2.1 c
India BangalorePer Minute2.1 c
India BombayPer Minute2.1 c
India ErnakulamPer Minute2.1 c
India HyderabadPer Minute2.1 c
India JallandurPer Minute2.1 c
India MobilePer Minute1.7 c
India Mobile BSNLPer Minute1.7 c
India New DehliPer Minute2.1 c
India Tamil NaduPer Minute2.1 c
IndonesiaPer Minute9.3 c
Indonesia JakartaPer Minute6.0 c
Indonesia MobilePer Minute9.3 c
Indonesia Mobile IndosatPer Minute9.3 c
Indonesia Mobile TelkomselPer Minute9.5 c
Indonesia Mobile XLPer Minute9.3 c
Indonesia SurabayaPer Minute6.0 c
Inmarsat Areo Global 8705Per MinuteYes1013.0 c
Inmarsat Areo Priority Global 87097Per MinuteYes679.4 c
Inmarsat B Global 8703Per MinuteYes404.6 c
Inmarsat B HSD Global 87039Per MinuteYes1973.4 c
Inmarsat BGAN ISDN 87078Per MinuteYes1575.0 c
Inmarsat BGAN Voice 87077Per MinuteYes911.1 c
Inmarsat GAN Global 87060Per MinuteYes1573.5 c
Inmarsat M Global 8706Per MinuteYes338.2 c
Inmarsat MiniM Global 87076Per MinuteYes293.1 c
IranPer Minute35.5 c
Iran MobilePer Minute35.8 c
Iran TehranPer Minute35.5 c
IraqPer Minute35.5 c
Iraq BaghdadPer Minute34.0 c
Iraq MobilePer Minute35.5 c
Iraq Mobile AsiacellPer Minute47.9 c
Iraq Mobile KorekPer Minute45.7 c
Iraq Mobile ZainPer Minute45.0 c
IrelandPer Minute1.2 c
Ireland MobilePer Minute10.2 c
Ireland Premium NumbersPer Minute28.8 c
IsraelPer Minute.7 c
Israel MobilePer Minute4.8 c
Israel PalestinePer Minute38.0 c
Israel Palestine MobilePer Minute43.1 c
ItalyPer Minute.5 c
Italy MobilePer Minute67.9 c
Ivory CoastPer MinuteYes92.7 c
Ivory Coast MobilePer MinuteYes108.1 c
JamaicaPer Minute51.0 c
Jamaica MobilePer Minute51.0 c
JapanPer Minute3.4 c
Japan MobilePer Minute9.6 c
JordanPer Minute38.9 c
Jordan MobilePer Minute43.9 c
Kaszakhstan Overlay NetworkPer MinuteYes168.5 c
KazakhstanPer Minute11.0 c
Kazakhstan MobilePer Minute57.1 c
KenyaPer MinuteYes46.6 c
Kenya MobilePer MinuteYes58.4 c
KiribatiPer MinuteYes323.7 c
Kiribati MobilePer MinuteYes323.7 c
Korea NorthPer Minute88.0 c
Korea SouthPer Minute3.4 c
Korea South MobilePer Minute2.4 c
KosovoPer MinuteYes121.2 c
Kosovo MobiePer MinuteYes121.2 c
KuwaitPer Minute9.6 c
Kuwait MobilePer Minute9.4 c
KyrgyzstanPer Minute51.1 c
LaosPer Minute19.6 c
LatviaPer MinuteYes60.9 c
Latvia MobilePer MinuteYes90.2 c
LebanonPer Minute20.7 c
Lebanon MobilePer Minute41.3 c
LesothoPer MinuteYes308.8 c
Lesotho MobilePer MinuteYes308.8 c
LiberiaPer MinuteYes105.0 c
LibyaPer MinuteYes60.7 c
Libya MobilePer MinuteYes60.7 c
LiechtensteinPer Minute17.5 c
Liechtenstein MobilePer Minute17.5 c
LithuaniaPer MinuteYes38.0 c
Lithuania MobilePer MinuteYes82.3 c
LuxembourgPer Minute46.3 c
Luxembourg MobilePer Minute46.9 c
MacauPer Minute25.0 c
MacedoniaPer Minute38.6 c
Macedonia MobilePer Minute80.3 c
MadagascarPer MinuteYes141.1 c
Madagascar MobilePer MinuteYes277.9 c
MalawiPer MinuteYes81.8 c
Malawi MobilePer MinuteYes110.4 c
MalaysiaPer Minute2.3 c
Malaysia Kuala LumpurPer Minute2.3 c
Malaysia MobilePer Minute2.3 c
Malaysia Mobile CelcomPer Minute2.3 c
Malaysia Mobile DigiPer Minute2.3 c
Malaysia Mobile MaxisPer Minute2.3 c
MaldivesPer MinuteYes201.4 c
Maldives MobilePer MinuteYes201.4 c
Maldives PremiumPer MinuteYes201.1 c
MaliPer MinuteYes98.8 c
Mali MobilePer MinuteYes95.7 c
MaltaPer Minute36.5 c
Malta MobilePer Minute71.0 c
Marshall IslandsPer Minute57.3 c
MartiniquePer Minute4.0 c
Martinique MobilePer Minute21.0 c
MauritaniaPer MinuteYes132.0 c
Mauritania MobilePer MinuteYes157.5 c
MauritiusPer MinuteYes38.9 c
MayottePer MinuteYes8.6 c
Mayotte MobilePer MinuteYes27.8 c
MexicoPer Minute1.6 c
Mexico Mexico CityPer Minute1.6 c
Mexico MobilePer Minute2.8 c
MicronesiaPer MinuteYes123.3 c
MoldovaPer MinuteYes95.7 c
Moldova MobilePer MinuteYes152.9 c
MonacoPer MinuteYes17.5 c
Monaco MobilePer MinuteYes111.2 c
MongoliaPer Minute3.4 c
Mongolia MobilePer Minute3.4 c
MontenegroPer MinuteYes44.2 c
Montenegro MobilePer MinuteYes105.0 c
MontserratPer Minute77.2 c
MoroccoPer MinuteYes3.4 c
Morocco MobilePer MinuteYes126.3 c
MozambiquePer MinuteYes12.4 c
Mozambique MobilePer MinuteYes68.6 c
MyanmarPer Minute62.1 c
NamibiaPer MinuteYes24.7 c
Namibia MobilePer MinuteYes49.1 c
NauruPer Minute324.3 c
NepalPer Minute37.2 c
Nepal KathmanduPer Minute37.2 c
Nepal MobilePer Minute45.1 c
NetherlandsPer Minute53.6 c
Netherlands AntillesPer Minute35.5 c
Netherlands MobilePer Minute55.6 c
New CaledoniaPer Minute46.9 c
New Caledonia MobilePer Minute62.6 c
New ZealandPer Minute2.8 c
New Zealand AucklandPer Minute2.8 c
New Zealand MobilePer Minute9.3 c
NicaraguaPer Minute61.9 c
NigerPer MinuteYes69.5 c
Niger MobilePer MinuteYes69.5 c
Niger Premium ServicesPer MinuteYes463.2 c
NigeriaPer MinuteYes25.2 c
Nigeria MobilePer MinuteYes25.2 c
NiuePer MinuteYes366.9 c
Norfolk IslandPer Minute336.0 c
Northern Mariana IslandsPer Minute9.9 c
NorwayPer Minute1.4 c
Norway MobilePer Minute2.3 c
Norway Premium ServicesPer Minute26.2 c
OmanPer Minute27.5 c
Oman MobilePer Minute61.8 c
PakistanPer Minute11.4 c
Pakistan MobilePer Minute11.1 c
PalauPer Minute52.5 c
PalestinePer Minute38.0 c
Palestine MobilePer Minute43.1 c
PanamaPer Minute5.7 c
Panama MobilePer Minute29.8 c
Papua New GuineaPer Minute106.6 c
Papua New Guinea MobilePer Minute163.4 c
Papua New Guinea Mobile DigicelPer Minute231.3 c
ParaguayPer Minute5.6 c
Paraguay MobilePer Minute18.2 c
PeruPer Minute1.2 c
Peru LimaPer Minute.5 c
Peru MobilePer Minute2.0 c
Peru RegionalPer Minute81.2 c
PhilippinesPer Minute26.4 c
Philippines MobilePer Minute33.2 c
Philippines Mobile GlobePer Minute31.0 c
Philippines Mobile SmartPer Minute33.2 c
PolandPer Minute2.9 c
Poland MobilePer Minute37.1 c
Poland Premium ServicesPer Minute131.3 c
PortugalPer Minute5.6 c
Portugal MobilePer Minute126.3 c
Puerto RicoPer Minute1.0 c
QatarPer Minute40.8 c
Qatar MobilePer Minute40.7 c
ReunionPer MinuteYes7.7 c
Reunion MobilePer MinuteYes69.5 c
RomaniaPer Minute.8 c
Romania BucharestPer Minute.8 c
Romania MobilePer Minute3.0 c
RussiaPer Minute15.0 c
Russia MobilePer Minute60.6 c
Russia MoscowPer Minute2.5 c
Russia Satellite IridiumPer MinuteYes1003.7 c
Russia St PetersburgPer Minute9.6 c
RwandaPer MinuteYes74.1 c
Rwanda MobilePer MinuteYes71.2 c
Saint HelenaPer MinuteYes395.3 c
Saint Kitts and NevisPer Minute59.6 c
Saint LuciaPer Minute59.6 c
Saint Pierre and MiquelonPer Minute50.2 c
Saint Pierre and Miquelon MobilePer Minute114.4 c
Saint Vincent GrenadinesPer Minute60.2 c
Saint Vincent Grenadines MobilePer Minute61.8 c
SamoaPer MinuteYes215.6 c
Samoa MobilePer MinuteYes215.6 c
Samoa Mobile DigicelPer MinuteYes231.3 c
San MarinoPer MinuteYes135.9 c
Sao Tome and PrincipePer MinuteYes291.8 c
Saudi ArabiaPer Minute20.4 c
Saudi Arabia MobilePer Minute32.4 c
SenegalPer MinuteYes56.2 c
Senegal MobilePer MinuteYes101.0 c
Serbia and MontenegroPer MinuteYes85.4 c
Serbia and Montenegro MobilePer MinuteYes106.6 c
SeychellesPer MinuteYes163.1 c
Seychelles MobilePer MinuteYes165.2 c
Sierra LeonePer MinuteYes108.1 c
Sierra Leone MobilePer MinuteYes112.7 c
SingaporePer Minute.6 c
Singapore MobilePer Minute.6 c
Sint MaartenPer Minute30.9 c
SlovakiaPer Minute1.1 c
Slovakia MobilePer Minute5.1 c
SloveniaPer MinuteYes54.1 c
Slovenia MobilePer MinuteYes126.6 c
Solomon IslandsPer Minute183.6 c
Solomon Islands Mobile BeMobilePer Minute247.1 c
Solomon Islands Mobile SoltelPer MinuteYes772.1 c
SomaliaPer MinuteYes112.7 c
South AfricaPer Minute23.2 c
South Africa MobilePer Minute57.1 c
South Africa Premium ServicesPer Minute88.0 c
South SudanPer MinuteYes109.6 c
SpainPer Minute.8 c
Spain MobilePer Minute26.2 c
Spain Premium ServicesPer Minute77.2 c
Sri LankaPer Minute38.6 c
Sri Lanka MobilePer Minute36.3 c
SudanPer MinuteYes33.7 c
Sudan MobilePer MinuteYes39.7 c
SurinamePer Minute67.9 c
SwazilandPer MinuteYes74.1 c
Swaziland MobilePer MinuteYes74.1 c
SwedenPer Minute.6 c
Sweden MobilePer Minute2.8 c
SwitzerlandPer Minute2.9 c
Switzerland MobilePer Minute107.2 c
SyriaPer Minute54.7 c
Syria MobilePer Minute76.0 c
TaiwanPer Minute5.2 c
Taiwan MobilePer Minute20.7 c
Taiwan TaipeiPer Minute2.4 c
TajikistanPer Minute39.4 c
TanzaniaPer MinuteYes76.4 c
Tanzania MobilePer MinuteYes76.4 c
ThailandPer Minute15.3 c
Thailand BangkokPer Minute15.3 c
Thailand MobilePer Minute11.0 c
TogoPer MinuteYes74.1 c
Togo MobilePer MinuteYes89.6 c
TokelauPer MinuteYes428.6 c
TongaPer Minute231.3 c
Tonga MobilePer Minute231.3 c
Tonga Mobile DigicelPer Minute231.3 c
Trinidad and TobagoPer Minute59.0 c
TunisiaPer MinuteYes200.7 c
Tunisia MobilePer MinuteYes200.7 c
TurkeyPer Minute10.5 c
Turkey CitiesPer Minute6.6 c
Turkey MobilePer Minute47.6 c
TurkmenistanPer Minute32.8 c
Turks and Caicos IslandsPer Minute64.9 c
TuvaluPer MinuteYes339.7 c
UgandaPer MinuteYes87.3 c
Uganda MobilePer MinuteYes87.3 c
UkrainePer MinuteYes29.6 c
Ukraine MobilePer MinuteYes61.0 c
United Arab EmiratesPer Minute36.8 c
United Arab Emirates MobilePer Minute36.8 c
United KingdomPer Minute.6 c
United Kingdom MobilePer Minute58.7 c
United Kingdom Mobile EEPer Minute2.0 c
United Kingdom Mobile HutchisonPer Minute2.0 c
United Kingdom Mobile LycaPer Minute2.4 c
United Kingdom Mobile O2Per Minute2.0 c
United Kingdom Mobile Tier 1Per Minute5.4 c
United Kingdom Mobile VodafonePer Minute2.0 c
United Kingdom Non-GeographicPer Minute2.6 c
United Kingdom Personal NumbersPer Minute64.1 c
United Kingdom Special ServicesPer Minute44.8 c
United StatesPer Minute1.4 c
United States AlaskaPer Minute31.0 c
United States HawaiiPer Minute1.2 c
UruguayPer Minute13.0 c
Uruguay MobilePer Minute37.6 c
UzbekistanPer Minute23.3 c
Uzbekistan MobilePer Minute23.3 c
VanuatuPer MinuteYes231.3 c
Vanuatu MobilePer MinuteYes231.3 c
Vanuatu Mobile DigicelPer MinuteYes231.3 c
VenezuelaPer Minute5.0 c
Venezuela MobilePer Minute25.3 c
VietnamPer Minute15.5 c
Vietnam HanoiPer Minute15.5 c
Vietnam Ho Chi MinhPer Minute15.5 c
Vietnam MobilePer Minute14.9 c
Vietnam Special ServicesPer Minute15.5 c
Virgin Islands BritishPer Minute59.1 c
Virgin Islands USPer Minute4.8 c
Wallis And Futuna IslandsPer Minute71.0 c
YemenPer Minute33.5 c
Yemen MobilePer Minute33.2 c
ZambiaPer MinuteYes91.9 c
Zambia MobilePer MinuteYes113.8 c
ZimbabwePer MinuteYes21.6 c
Zimbabwe MobilePer MinuteYes97.3 c
Zimbabwe Mobile EconetPer MinuteYes114.3 c

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